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Horses in stalls in the pp电子游戏 马术 Center

pp电子游戏 马术 Team

在强调良好体育精神的男女同校环境中培养你对骑马的热情, excellent horsemanship, and a willingness to learn while on horseback above all else. 你有机会发展你的马术技能在各种学科与猎人的重点, jumpers and equitation. 

pp电子游戏 community member with a horse

To be truly successful in any aspect of riding, riders must adjust their style to the needs of the horse. One can never expect the horse to adjust to the needs of the rider.


pp电子的训练哲学根植于古典马术,相信基础可以解锁骑手的成长. There are no secrets, just hard work.

pp电子的精华 & 首页

If you come to us with an existing trainer, pp电子平台将合作创建一个项目,建立在您的经验,将最好地发展您的骑技能.

Opportunities for Growth & 各种

在男女同校的环境中,你可以充分利用两个室内环和三个室外环,从而发展和培养你的骑行热情, a grand prix field, 一个草地猎人场和一个越野课程设计为每个技能水平.

你可以选择自己带马,也可以和pp电子平台的“马教授”一起工作.” Our school horses set the standard for quality. 许多人都参加过他们所在学科的顶级比赛,并为他们的骑手提供了校长式的体验. Others will teach you how to ride from the beginning.





Directions to the Michael O. P年龄 马术 Center:


  • From the pp电子游戏 visitor parking, cross Macedonia Rd./CT-341 onto Skiff Mountain Rd. (Do not turn right  or left)  
  • Follow Skiff Mountain Rd. 4.15英里.  
  • Continue going straight on West Woods Rd. (Skiff Mountain Road turns right at  Marvelwood School). 
  • In 0.17 miles, you will see the Michael O. P年龄 马术 Center sign on the right. 



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