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Whether an experienced player seeking a high level of competition or a novice seeking to refine your funda精神s, pp电子游戏 Tennis is equipped to guide you in your growth.

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Blending the individual and the team, Kent Tennis instills in each player a sense of personal responsibility and an appreciation for the greater good.

技能发展 & 团队合作

Kent Tennis strives to develop varsity-level interscholastic athletes by focusing on learning the funda精神s, working together as a cohesive team and having fun.

领导 & Character Development

Alongside tennis techniques, Kent Tennis players focus on integrity, 体育精神, 和同僚合作, ensuring Kent's teams are composed of servant leaders, 和参与, empathetic citizens.


Rob Ober has coached the Girls Varsity Tennis Team for over a decade. The 女孩网球 Team won the de Villafranca tournament in 2007, defeating Deerfield, Hotchkiss and Exeter on its way to victory. The team was the finalist for the Founders League in 2007 and 2008. In addition, Rob coached Joanna Matusczyk, the #1 player in New England, for three years.

A 1987 graduate of the Nick Bollitierri Tennis Academy, Rob spent three years in Bradenton, Florida training with some of the best junior players in the country, including future former #1 world ranked players Andre Agassi and Jim Courier (Rob’s roommate in his senior year). Rob was invited to participate in the Tropicana Bowl, a national junior tournament in Florida.

At Rollins College, Rob was a member of the top ranked Division II tennis team. 大学毕业后, Rob played the USTA Amateur Circuit, playing tournaments in Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Rob was the head tennis pro at the Sharon Country Club in Sharon, CT for ten years.

With a master’s degree in history, Rob teaches history at Kent. Rob lives in the 教师 vill年龄 with his wife Amy, Director in 招生, and their children.


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Girls Varsity Tennis Roster

的名字 Class 家乡
塔拉Abuyazid 2023
莉莉Altschuler 2025
泰勒榆树 2023
Alina Harned 2025
Youngju张成泽 2022
Tamonwan Jirakulaporn 2022
Tanatcha Jirakulaporn 2024
Paula Lanius 2023
亚历山德拉的速度 2024
露露赎金 2023
凯特林沈 2025
伊莎贝拉唐 2022
Zejia王 2023

Girls Varsity Tennis Schedule and Results

There are no events to display



Girls JV Tennis Roster

的名字 Class 家乡
Leran禁令 2023
艾米丽贝尔 2025
欣怡陈 2023
摩根叮 2022
玛雅榆树 2025
Piper弗里德曼 2023
茱莉亚加文 2023
布鲁克·豪厄尔 2022
Jay梁 2023
托比的新闻 2023
温斯洛岩石 2022
安娜Sisson 2022
索菲·冯·塞德尔 2023
Aubrie怀亚特 2024
安妮杨 2022

Girls JV Tennis Schedule and Results

There are no events to display